5 Best Ways to Stay Healthy 

A healthy body is a primary necessity for a happy and long life, but due to an imbalanced lifestyle, pollution and fertilizer, it is difficult to stay healthy. 

So in this article, I am gonna tell you the top 5 best ways to stay healthy, which are practically self-proven. But after reading this article, make one promise to yourself that you will follow these ways seriously in 2023. 

  5 Best Strategies for Maintaining Optimal Health

Make your primary goal in this new year that you will stay healthy and happy in 2023 by following these ways; 

1. Drink Enough Water

Our body has up to 75% water. When we drink water then it carries oxygen to the arteries, veins, cells, and tissue, now you also know that oxygen is necessary for our body and life. 

When we don’t drink enough water then our body and its smaller or larger organs don’t get enough oxygen and this condition is called, “ischemia”, which can lead to cell and organ death or failure. 

2. Take Your Dinner Before 7 pm

According to Ayurveda, our digestive system is directly linked to the intensity of the sun. 

As the sun goes down, our digestive system also slows down, since the sun usually sets around 6-6.30 pm. That’s why Ayurveda suggests that for a healthy life, take your last meal of the day before 7 pm. 

In winter, the sun sets early so take your dinner as early as you can. 

3. Prioritize Home-Made Food 

In this quick and busy lifestyle, people usually order food online. This is a real problem of today’s generation because we don’t know how these packed foods are cooked and what ingredients are used. 

Are these unknown foods healthy for our bodies and should we eat them, think before ordering any food online. 

In homemade food, always prioritize a plate full of green vegetables, fruits,  2-3 chapati, and less than half a bowl of rice, pulses, and milk. 

4. Take at Least 6.30-7 Hours of Sleep

Nowadays, it is a trend to sleep after midnight. 

According to a study, “majorly among females, over 75% of depressive patients show symptoms of insomnia, and about 40% of young depressed adults and 10% of older patients also have hypersomnia.” 

Now you can understand the importance of enough and sound sleep. 

Always remember that good sleep is a patent drug for all mental disorders. 

5. Drink Water 15 minutes before and After a meal

Water is so important for our body but if you drink water during and just after the meal then it can be problematic for you because when we drink water during the meal then “Jatharagni” that digests the meal gets slower and thus the meal doesn’t digest perfectly results in constipation, slower metabolism, acidity, uneasiness in the stomach. 

That’s why experts suggest that we should always drink water 15 minutes before and after meals.  

Now you are thinking, why 15 minutes before? It’s because when we drink water 15 minutes before a meal then we consume less food and fewer calories which results in a good and healthy physique without going to the gym. 

Golden Tip: After a meal, just walk for 15 minutes then drink water.  Walking after a meal increases the metabolic and digestive rate. 


I have been following all 5 ways for the past 6 months and now I am healthy, strong, and have a good physique without going to the gym and without any steroids. 

So follow these natural ways and stay healthy and happy. Thank you. 


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